25 Oct 2019

LEMAN in the Nordic optimizes the name

LEMAN International System Transport has become LEMAN.

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LEMAN International System Transport now officially changes name to LEMAN. The change will apply in the Nordic countries:

  • Denmark: LEMAN A/S | CVR 41955619
  • Norway: LEMAN AS | Org. Nr. 984065329
  • Sweden: LEMAN AB | Org. Nr. 556283-0397
  • Finland: LEMAN OY | Org. Nr. 1999764-8


Core values regarding quality, commitment, responsibility, focus and solutions are more relevant than ever and remains untouched. We simply adjust the name to bring consistency between our brand and products. Changing the name both simplifies and reinforces LEMAN's identity in the market.


Please notice, that the name change will not be updated in some LEMAN IT-systems until Q4 2019. Except from this, customers, suppliers and partners will not experience any changes or consequences of the change. LEMAN will continue providing the highest quality transport and logistics solutions for customers worldwide.


For further information, please contact:


Kim Lindberg
Nordic Finance Director





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