HANJIN files for court receivership

Announcement on release fee on HANJIN shipments and containers.


Today it has been announced that the South Korean shipping company HANJIN is filing for court receivership. Despite the company's persistent attempts to negotiate new agreements with their creditors, the parties are so far apart that it is now resulting in a suspension of payments.

LEMAN has, with immediate effect, changed the sailing schedules from Shanghai and Yantian/Shenzhen from HANJIN to other alternative shipping routes.

The changed schedules unfortunately cause considerable extensions of the usual transit times, but due to the suspension of payments, this is a necessity.

The new timetables will be available at www.leman.com, or by contacting your local LEMAN contact.

Release fee
Due to the suspension of payments, several major container ports have now announced the introduction of a cash release fee of containers and shipments from HANJIN. At the same time HANJIN requires cash payments for delivery of containers, to secure themselves financially.

LEMAN does not know the extent of the new fees, but we will keep you informed of the latest developments on our website at www.leman.com.

Please contact your local LEMAN office if any questions should arise.





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